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Non-resident accounts


All individuals residing in the Republic of Macedonia can open account at every counter in all branches of Stopanska  Banka AD – Skopje, in almost all cities in Macedonia.

The procedure is maximally simplified – an account is opened immediately and the presence of the individual is obligatory.
A foreign individual client – non-resident is identified by submitting:

      - A valid identity document, passport, original or a copy certified by a notary or an authorized institution in the domicile state

      - Valid ID card if the person comes from member-state of the European Union or a state with which the Republic of Macedonia has concluded bilateral agreement for cross-border traveling of citizens from the both states (Serbia, Albania and Montenegro).

     In cases when the presented identification document does not contain any of the required information , SB may request another public document or a statement certified by a notary from the client for the requested data and its accuracy.

The client of SB fills in:

- An application for identification / updating the individual  client

- Statement for getting informed with the regulations in the Republic of Macedonia, according to which the client is identified with a status of non-resident in SB

- Agreement for opening a transaction account / ID number of non resident individual

The account can be managed by the individual that have opened an account or by a person authorized by him/her, who has deposited his signature.
A person authorized to work with the accounts of non-resident individual is identified with its own valid identification document corresponding to the status of the client's written authorization signed by the account holder, in original or a copy certified  by a notary / authorized institution in the domicile state.
• Stopanska Banka provides transfer by order of non-resident in foreign currency and in Denars.
• On-line system allows the transfer of funds in favor of clients of SB (residents and non-residents) to be executed at the time of arrival of the order of a non-resident.
• Transfer of funds without any restrictions;

•    Payments and disbursements of cash in accordance with the legal regulations in the country, including:
- Payment of foreign currency cash to the accounts of non-resident amounting to EUR 10,000 in a month, and above that amount by submitting a written confirmation of the paid in cash in foreign currency  issued by the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia, that reads the name of the payer and is valid for 5 working days;
- Payment of foreign currency cash to the non-resident’s accounts, which is unspent foreign currency cash, previously withdrawn from the account of the non-resident;
- Payment of MKD cash to the denar account of a non-resident is not allowed except unspent cash in denars previously withdrawn from the denar accounts of the non-resident;
- Disbursement of cash foreign currency and cash in MKD without restrictions.

Updating the data for personal identification of the client (data and documents for client- individual) is performed on a regular basis, at least once every two years after expiry of the document for identification.

After the expiry of the period of validity of the identification document, the client’s account is blocked, which disables it to perform operations, payments and disbursements from the account of the non-resident until the document for identification is updated, i.e. after the submission of a valid passport.

According to the legal regulations, the MKD transaction accounts of clients that have no balance and trade over the past two years are treated as inactive and the Bank has obligation to close the same and to notify the client.