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Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje is a Bank with the longest tradition on the Macedonian market. Founded as the first bank in the country in 1944, Stopanska Banka laid the foundations for banking operations and is still a leader in the development and implementation of most modern financial products and services for individuals and legal entities operating in North Macedonia.

EMBS (Company Registration Number) of SB: 4065549

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Mission of the Bank

In the modern, ever-changing world, where personal needs and expectations change and where customers know more, demand more and do more, Stopanska Banka seeks to provide new opportunities by offering financial products and services that correspond to these changes and that are easy to reach through the modern distribution channels.

Offering a wide range of innovative and consumer-focused products and services, Stopanska Banka strives to be a trusted partner to its customers supporting their growth and meeting their needs in an easy and efficient way, with the aim of allowing them day by day to fulfil their own potential and make the most of their life. At the same time, SB is committed to creating economic value for its shareholders and a rewarding environment for its employees.


Member of: MBA


Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje was established by the Resolution of the Second Plenary Session of ASNOM on 29.12.1944 under the name Makedonska Stopanska Banka. Its founding laid the foundations of banking operations in at the time People's Republic of Macedonia and in the years to come, there was virtually no significant facility, investment or development project that was not supported by Stopanska Banka. The Bank's history is marked by memories of how hydropower plants, infrastructure facilities, factory halls, bridges and highways were built, memories of how the Republic grew and developed, and together with it Stopanska Banka grew and developed.

Throughout the years of its growth and development, the Bank adapted to all the features of social and economic organization, starting as a bank of communal banks, and then an associated bank organized in branches, until its transformation into a joint-stock company in 1990. At the beginning of 2000, the majority package of shares of Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje was bought out by the National Bank of Greece - one of the largest banking groups in Southeast Europe. With this significant step, the Bank continued its growth and development into a successful company in line with world banking standards. Just as everyday life is full of challenges, successes and hard times, the Bank has also faced many challenges in its many years of tradition. At the beginning, the challenge of building the war-torn country, later of supporting economic and social development, and in the new millennium, the Bank faced, perhaps, the greatest challenge until then, to transform and restructure into a modern financial institution organized in line with the best international banking practice and thus support the transformation of the Macedonian economy into today's functioning market economy.

After the acquisition by NBG, Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje strengthened its competitiveness through intensive restructuring. The bank introduced a sophisticated information system and new organizational structure, improved its credit portfolio, introduced standardized credit decision making, risk management and procurement procedures, improved the structure of its employees and became the country's leading corporate governance company. Today, Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje is the Bank with the largest number of customers both individuals and legal entities, the Bank with the most developed location network, the largest portfolio of credit and deposit products and the Bank with the largest assets.

Today, with more than 1 million individual customers, with over 50 percent of the companies operating in North Macedonia as customers, we can say that we are a Bank of every family and partner of almost every company in the country. Exceeding the assets of more than 1 billion euros we have become part of the group of the largest banks in the region and the largest bank in North Macedonia.

The future of the Bank is an obligation to continue with even greater commitment and willingness to always listen to, understand and support healthy businesses, efficiently allocate savings and thus contribute to job creation and acceleration of economic growth. Reliability remains a top priority and highest value of the Bank's corporate culture. With the new technologies Stopanska Banka will become a part of everyday life and will move its counters to residential homes and company offices. We will continue to grow, relying on our knowledge, new and advanced technologies and the international experience and the experience of our majority shareholder, the National Bank of Greece.

Stopanska Banka will continue to be a bridge that connects tradition, present and future and will always be on your side.




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