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Domestic payment operations

General information

Through its counters in all branches, the SB enables individuals to pay regular monthly expenditures of the families, including:
- electricity bills issued by JSC Macedonian Power Plants
- heating bills issued by Toplifikacija AD Skopje
- water bills, sanitation costs and other utilities, for bills issued from the local legal entity for communal services, in the area covered by the SB branch,
- landline bills issued by Telekom

The only thing needed for performing the payment operation is for the natural entity to have opened an account in SB. Apart from money, they have to submit bills issued by the aforementioned legal entities, which are being paid.

The payment of the invoice is confirmed by the SB officer by indicating the payment account, the date of the payment and their signature.

The natural entity does not pay a commission for the payment.

For the payment of these regular expenses the natural persons, clients of SB, with SB deposit accounts, can give SB a permanent order for payment of these expenses from the funds on a specific deposit account of the natural person, or from the account on which the natural person has authorization for unlimited disposal of account funds.




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