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Contact Center - Customer Service 24/7

Тел: 02/3100-109
e-mail: kontaktcentar@stb.com.mk

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11 Оktomvri no. 7, 1000 Skopje
Republic of North Macedonia

Tel: +389 (0)2 3295-295

Commendation / Complaint Form

Suggestions and complaints

In order to provide the highest level of service to our customers, there is a service that is responsible for handling and processing customer complaints, comments and suggestions.

The responsible service provides a solution to complaints with clarity, impartiality, objectivity within the previously established response deadlines.

We have prepared a form that you can fill out if you wish to leave a formal compliment or complaint about our services and products.


Најчесто поставувани прашања


File a complaint via e-mail - you need to send the completed form available on our website to kontaktcentar@stb.com.mk

A written complaint can be submitted in any branch of the Bank by filling in the complaint form or by mail to the following address:

Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

(Customer Care Service)

Ul. "11 Oktomvri" No. 7

1000 Skopje

To enable us to respond to you promptly and more effectively, when submitting your complaint please make sure you:

  • provide your personal data (name and surname and contact data);
  • specify how you would like to receive our response;
  • describe your problem in full.

This will help us to make a proper analysis.

After we receive your complaint, we send you an acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.
By downloading the request for processing, each request receives a unique (reference) number (RN) and automatic registration of the date of receipt, and the sender receives an automatic message in return by e-mail notifying the reference number of the request.

In the meantime, we are conducting a full analysis of the case and if we need more information, we will contact you.
After reviewing your case, we inform you of the response (eg proposed solution, clarifications we may need, etc.).

Our customers are the focus of our business activity.

In other words, our primary concern is to respect and nurture our good relationship with you, our customer, placing special emphasis on providing first-class service and meeting your needs.

Accordingly, the Bank has established a Customer Complaints Policy that applies best practices for managing customer issues.

Our goal is to find solutions in the spirit of good will, transparency and impartiality taking into account all the special characteristics of each case.

The procedures we use to deal with complaints are based on our principles.

For us, the following is most important:

  • all clients are treated equally and their interests are equally protected;
  • all complaints are handled in good faith, and in accordance with business ethics and the applicable legal regulatory framework;
  • each complaint is a separate matter for the customer and we treat each case accordingly with due care, sensitivity and understanding;
  • every complaint is investigated properly and without discrimination, by collecting and processing all relevant data and information, we make
  • every effort to resolve complaints quickly and thereby serve customers in the best possible way.

After we have collected all the information regarding your case and communicated with the relevant organizational units of the Bank, the deadline for responding to customer complaints is 15 working days from the date of registration of the complaint in the central records of the SB.

In the event that, for a significant reason, a response cannot be provided within the specified time period, we will notify you of the reason for the delay.




For further information, please contact

Веб-страницата на Стопанска банка АД - Скопје користи „колачиња“ кои собираат податоци за корисниците. Овие податоци помагаат на Банката да обезбеди подобро корисничко искуство, како и подобра функционалност на услугите и веб-страницата. Со одбирање на опцијата „Ги прифаќам сите колачиња“ давате согласност за начинот на кој ги користиме „колачињата“. За други опции, одете во „Поставки за колачиња“. Дополнително, користењето на веб-страницата на СБ не е условена од прифаќањето на колачињата иако на тој начин одредени процеси може да не бидат технички оптимизирани за вашето лично корисничко искуство.