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Property insurance

Buy property insurance or any other type of insurance from the branches of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje in cooperation with Croatia Insurance/Non-Life.

Save the value of the property you have been patiently creating for years!

Your home is your life investment!

  • For the safety and security of your home you can purchase a Hazard Insurance Policy or a Home Insurance Policy that provides protection against the following risks depending on the chosen package:
    • Fire;
    • Flood, torrent and high waters from atmospheric influences;
    • Water discharge from sewerage, plumbing and hot water installations;
    • Liability third-party insurance;
    • Theft and robbery;
    • Breaking glass on doors and windows of the residential building;
    • Expenses for necessary accommodation;
    • Lightning struck;
    • Explosion;
    • Storm, hail;
    • Falling aircrafts;
    • Marches and demonstrations;
    • A motor vehicle crash in the home;
    • Avalanche;
    • Landslide;
    • Water pour from aquarium;
    • Weight of snow;
    • Vandalism;

Insurance costs are insignificant compared to the costs you will have to pay in the event of damage to your household.

Find out more about this type of insurance in our branches and/or through the 24/7 Contact Center at:  02/3100 109 and make your home a safe place for your family.




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