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Loan Protection Insurance

Life is full of experiences, beautiful moments and memories, but also part of life are the unpleasant surprises that disturbs our family peace. In such moments, it is crucial to have support that will help the small life challenges not to become a big problem that will be harder to overcome and will disrupt your financial stability. Exactly for such situations, Credit Protection Insurance is a support that can help you to overcome certain life situations during the multi-year repayment of consumer loans, such as: job loss, longer illnesses, permanent incapacity for work or unwanted death caused by accident. 

Insured events



Job loss

Maximum coverage of 2 cases of involuntary termination of employment for the duration of the loan repayment. In each case, the client receives up to 6 monthly installments of the loan repayment (max. 2 x 6 installments).

The insurance does not cover cases of voluntary or agreed termination of employment, and it is activated 60 days after the termination of employment.

Proof of application as unemployed at Employment Agency.  

Temporary incapacity for work

(sick leave longer than 45 days)

Maximum  coverage of 2 cases for the duration of the loan repayment. For sick leave (longer than 45 days) the insurance covers the installments of the loan, but not more than 12 installments for each of the cases (max. 2 x 12 installments)


It is activated 45 days from the date when the sick leave was open.

Death caused by accident

(ex.traffic accident or other  life-threatening injury not related to illness etc.)

Coverage of the loan debt balance (overdue principal on the day of the accident)


Document submitted by the family

Permanent incapacity for work (caused by accident)

Medical report

 Regular repayment of bank loans is of great importance for your financial stability. Regular repayment represents your credit history that banks exchange nationally (through the Credit Bureau) and gives you access to additional funds (additional loan amount) in case of need. People with irregular loan repayment have impaired financial stability, due to inability to apply for new credit borrowing (credit card or loan). That is why Credit Protection Insurance (known worldwide as - CPI) allows you to maintain a good credit history (regular repayment) by taking over the temporary repayment of your loan in the following life events (insured events):

With this voluntary insurance in case of an adverse event that is covered by this insurance, the Insurance Company temporarily takes over the obligation for regular repayment of your loan (2 x max 6 installments in case of job loss, up to 12 months during a longer sick leave) and full settlement of the loan debt in case of accidental death or permanent incapacity for work.

Benefits of this insurance:

  • Quick and simple calculation and negotiation of the loan repayment insurance policy ("One Stop Shop") when applying for a consumer loan in Stopanska Banka (through the branches or the Contact Center of SB)
  • The payment of this insurance is through the loan amount which is transferred as available for use to the clients transactional account
  • Provides financial stability for your family, which can be disrupted by the inability to repay the monthly installments of the loan
  • In case of job loss, the Insurance covers the monthly installments of the loan (up to max. 6 installments), allowing you to fully focus on looking for a new job
  • Activation of insurance in case of insured event is fast and simple (minimal documentation).

What are the requirements for becoming a user of Credit Protection Insurance?

  • The user should apply for a new unsecured consumer loan in Stopanska Banka
  • Individuals aged up to 61 years old
  • Sign a statement confirming that:
    • has been employed for an indefinite period of time in the last 6 months
    • that no blank statement for agreed (voluntary) termination of employment has been signed
    • that he has not used sick leave for more than 30 days consequently in the last 12 months.

Credit Protection Insurance is available in all branches of Stopanska Banka and the Contact Center available 24/7 (02/3100 109).




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