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Аgainst accident - misfortune

Buy insurance against accident (misfortune) or any other type of insurance in the branches of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje in cooperation with Croatia Insurance/Non-life.

  • The insurance policy against accident is part of Stopanska Banka's loan package – consumer loan with insurance against accident included with a premium of 400 or 600 MKD.
  • With each insurance policy against accident you will receive a discount voucher in the amount of 400 or 600 MKD for purchase of other non-life insurance through the Bank.
  • Risks covered by an insurance policy against accident as part of a consumer loan package:
    • death due to accident
    • permanent disability
  • An accident (misfortune) is considered any sudden and by the client's will independent event, which acting externally and abruptly on the insured's body results in death, complete or partial disability requiring medical assistance:
    • Car accident;
    • Bone breaking;
    • Electric shock and lightning;
    • Falling, sliding;
    • Animal bites;
    • Burns, etc.

You can get insurance against accident at any of the branches of Stopanska Banka or through the 24/7 Contact Center at: (02) 3 100 109.

*Age limit for insurance against accident – 70




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