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Savings accounts

About the product


  • Sight deposit account
  • Individuals, residents and non-residents
  • Payment in cash, at all branches at any counter of SB
  • Transfer of salary by the employer
  • Transfer from another account with SB
  • Transfer from account with another bank
  • Withdrawal in cash at all branches at any counter of SB
    • by transfer of funds to another account with SB or with another bank

Disclosure of savings data

  • if the deposit holder has given SB a written consent to disclose data
  • upon a written request or order by a competent court
  • upon written request of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia for the needs of supervision, or other body authorized by law
  • if the data are reported to the Directorate for Prevention of Money Laundering, in accordance with the law

Payments from a deceased customer's savings account

  • In case of death of a customer, the right of the person authorized to operate the deposit account shall cease
  • SB can make payments out of the deposit before a probate proceeding is initiated, for the purpose of covering the funeral expenses of the deceased


  • The holder of the deposit account may authorize another adult person to operate the deposit account. An authorization may be issued at the time of opening the deposit, or at any time afterward.

Procedure in case of lost passbook, contract, or deposit card

The holder/ person authorized to operate the deposit account reports in writing to the SB branch that the relevant document has been lost in order to immediately replace it with a new one. If the owner wishes, the following can be undertaken:

  • blockage of funds within the deadline set by the owner
  • close the account and transfer the balance to a new account

Statement of a deposit account for which a card is issued

It is issued at any counter of SB upon request of the deposit holder, or the person authorized to operate the deposit account, by presenting an identification document and an account card/ID card.


Standing order
The deposit account holder/person authorized to operation the deposit account may issue a standing order to a SB branch for payment of certain services, or for transfer of funds to another specified account with SB for making payments/transfers every month, whereby he can:

  • specify both the date and the amount of the payment/ transfer, or
  • authorize SB to pay from the account on the date and in the amount specified in the payment document issued by the legal entity on whose account the payment based on the standing order is made

The standing order is executed if there are funds on the account for its full execution.

A standing order given to SB can be cancelled by the deposit holder /person authorized to operate the deposit account with unlimited right to operation.


Closing a denar savings deposit/sight deposit can be performed:

  • at the request of the deposit account holder
  • upon assessment that the account is inactive, in accordance with a decision of a SB body

To perform the closing process, at a request of the holder, a passbook/deposit agreement is presented, and the deposit balance and the liabilities of the account are checked. If the customer has liabilities to SB from the deposit, or liabilities of the customer to other individuals and legal entities are imposed on the deposit based on decisions of competent authorities in the Republic of North Macedonia, the closing cannot be performed.

Interest rates

Interest rates are annual, variable.

Calculation and payment of interest

  • Interest is calculated from the date of payment to the date of withdrawal, applying the interest rate determined by a decision of SB.
  • Interest is calculated on a monthly basis.

Current interest rates are available at the following link.


  • When opening an account, the customer presents a valid identification document (ID card or passport)
  • After opening the account the customer receives:
    • Savings account agreement and
    • Identification card
  • Account changes are monitored through a monthly statement at the customer's request at any Bank counter.
  • The holder/ person authorized to operate the deposit account shall present at the SB branch:
    • identification document
    • a passbook, if issued on that deposit
    • a card account, if issued on that deposit
  • Payments can also be made without presenting the passbook, but in that case the customer is obliged to present an ID card issued by SB and additionally submit the passbook in order to update the changes. The deposit holder is responsible for updating the passbook.



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