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Exchange operations


The following institutions can perform exchange operations: banks, savings houses, trade companies, individual tradesmen, and other legal entities with head offices in the Republic of Macedonia that are registered for performing exchange operations, and which have obtained licence from NBRM for performing exchange operations in accordance with NBRM's decision regarding the terms and conditions and the mode for obtaining licence and performing exchange operations (The Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 127/2012).

SB's exchange operations are performed at all Branches' windows, i.e. at those windows that have the label "the exchange office meets the terms and conditions for exchange operations".

SB performs the following within the framework of exchange operations:

- domestic individuals (residents) and foreign individuals (non-residents) can sell SB FCY cash and checks denominated and payable in FCY
- residents and non-residents can buy FCY cash
- foreign individuals can repurchase FCY cash for the amount of unspent MKD, which they have received in selling their FCY cash to SB.

Within SB's exchange operations, the individuals can sell and buy FCY cash, as well as sell checks denominated and payable in FCY, only if they are denominated in the following currencies: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, DKK, NOK, SEK, by applying the exchange rates stipulated by SB's exchange rates list for exchange operations.

The individuals, while performing exchange operations, submit the following ID documents:

- ID or passport, if it is a domestic individual in question,
- passport, if it is a foreign individual in question.

SB issues the individual a certificate on the executed exchange operation.

SB charges fees on exchange operations in compliance with its fee tariff.