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Donation of medical equipment for the Institute of Sports Medicine

6. 11. 2023


Donation of medical equipment for the Institute of Sports Medicine


Caring for the health of athletes and sports enthusiasts is key to creating healthy and successful generations engaged in sports. Stopanska banka AD - Skopje has been an avid supporter of sports and healthy lifestyles for many years, and following with this mission, the Bank donated ECG and spirometry devices, as well as additional functional equipment, for modernization and increased examination capacity of the Institute for medical physiology and anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje.

The equipment has already been delivered to the Institute in order to carry out a larger number of examinations of the athletes from the region. This is the first donation of medical devices in this institution so far. The increase of the Institute's capacities is particularly significant for the younger categories, i.e. for children and young people who are involved in sports, for whom regular medical-sports examinations are necessary for the prevention and early detection of certain diseases that are characteristic of athletes, and which cannot to be discovered during general medical examinations.

- Children's health care is traditionally a segment in which we donate, but this time we are going in a slightly different direction by providing preventive care for young people and the youngest athletes. Driven by their dedication and love for sports, we want to help them have more accessible sports medicine with state-of-the-art equipment. In this way, we simultaneously support the development of sports which is also our dear line of action. We thank the Institute for the cooperation and for the opportunity to help - Tatjana Kalajdzieva, senior director for sales and branch network at Stopanska banka AD - Skopje, said after handing over the donation.

The Institute emphasized that the donation of two electrocardiogram (ECG) and spirometry devices represents a huge support and help for the work of the Institution.

- The oldest laboratory for functional diagnostics in our country, which is used for the purposes of sports medicine, operates at the Institute of Physiology within the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje. Our task is to take care of the health of our athletes, professionals, amateurs, sports enthusiasts and all those who want to engage in sports activities. For this purpose, pre-participation examinations are carried out, the main task of which is to check the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. We hope that with the new equipment we will be able to increase the number of examinations with ECG and spirometry by 25-30% of the previously scheduled examination numbers - said Prof. Dr. Jasmina Pluncevic Gligoroska, head of the Institute for MEP Physiology with Anthropology at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje.

The institute, with its health activity and the best-equipped office, primarily covers the Skopje region, but users come from all over the country as well. Moreover, more than 70 percent of the users of the services are younger than 18 years old.
In addition to health activities, the Institute of Physiology has extensive educational activities for all faculties of the health sciences campus, so the donated devices will also be used by a larger number of students to familiarize themselves with these basic medical examinations.

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