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Topsi Pay

General information

Do you have an i-bank username, password and OTR token? You're ready for TOPSI Pay!

Similar to Viber or Messenger, TOPSI Pay allows fast transfer of funds between friends. Incorporated in the m-banking application of Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje, TOPSI Pay allows instant transfer of funds without even knowing your friends' account - just by selecting them from your contact list.

It is operational 24/7 and the money is immediately available on the basic transaction account and the payment card associated with it.

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How to use Topsi Pay

If your friends are not users of Stopanska Banka's i-bank services, kindly remind them that these services are free of charge, available 24/7 and that they are an innovative solution to customer's everyday needs.

Each payment is easily authorized with the OTP token you receive free of charge by registering for using the i-bank services by visiting any branch of the Bank.

You can find out more about TOPSI Pay Fast Transfers in the section on Frequently Asked Questions, at our 24/7 Contact Centre or our branch offices.

The Terms of Use of TOPSI Pay are available at the following link.

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