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Life insurance for loan users (Riziko)

From now on, buy Riziko Credit – life insurance for loan users in the branches of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje in cooperation with Uniqa Life.

  • The life insurance policy is part of Stopanska Banka's credit package:
    • Housing loan with life insurance included;
    • Consumer secured loan with life insurance included
    • Consumer unsecured loan with life insurance included (over EUR 5000)
  • The life insurance policy provides insurance coverage for settlement of outstanding loan debt in case of an adverse event:
    • Death as a result of illness or accident;
    • Permanent complete inability to work as a result of an accident.
  • Simple payment method with two payment options:
    • With a standing order in monthly installments
    • One-off payment of life insurance from the loan itself, with additional discount on life insurance premium.
  • You get a reduced interest rate on the loan that the Bank provides to stimulate Riziko life insurance.
  • This insurance provides loan protection, which means that in case of a harmful event (death or permanent disability) of the insured person the family shall not inherit the obligations based on the loan.
  • The policy is issued by the insurance company UNIQA Life, which is part of the Vienna-based UNIQA Group. UNIQA is the largest insurance company in Austria and one of the largest insurance groups in Southeast Europe, with over 200 years of insurance experience and present in 18 European countries.

Visit the nearest branch of Stopanska Banka or simply call 15 110, or at any time of the day call: 02/3100 109 and find out about the premium amount that depends on the health insurance questionnaire answers.




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