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Dear customers, 

We would like to inform you that on 19.08.2014 the Bank introduced a new design of the e-banking platform that hardly changed the functionality of the system you all know and use. The changes are limited to the improved and modern outlook as well as improved appearance of some of the reports. We hope you will find the new design compelling and easier to use and you will have understanding and patiente in case of brief interruptions in the system operations during the period of transition.


Respectfully yours, 
Stopanska banka AD - Skopje 



First login assistance


DON'T FORGET: The private entities can now use only one device OTP (one time password) to perform transactions through our i-bank alternative channels e-banking, m-banking and phone banking.





The OTP token can be used for execution of payment transactions through all OS, browsers and devices with internet access. The OTP token is free of charge for the users that perform at least 10 transactions during the first 6 months of issuing.

We invite all the i-bank services users to sign a new contract at any of SB branches and get their OTP token prior to the cancelation of the use of USB / CD certificates for private entities. The legal entities will continue to use the USB token for their e-banking transactions.

Don't forget to use the FOREX PAYMENTS available for all legal and private users of e-banking.

All new i-bank users will need to complete the necesarry documentation at one of the branches of Stopanska banka.