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Merchant Network - POS

POS Terminals

Enable your clients card payment at your points of sale and become part of the POS Terminals trading network provided by Stopanska Banka.

  • FREE OF CHARGE POS Terminals 
  • Acceptance of all VISA/MasterCard/Maestro cards
  • Online view of detailed turnover reports realized through POS Terminals, for each point of sale
  • 24/7 telephone support from the Contact Center 02/3100-109

Advantages of the POS Terminal

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced cash risk, risk of robbery, security safeguards to keep cash, etc.
  • Fast, secure and simple payment
  • Reduced volume of cash at points of sale, reduced risk of robberies, expensive security safeguards to keep cash, etc.
  • Points of sale that accept cards always enjoy greater customer confidence and reputation.

Application for a POS Terminal

Loans and interest-free installments

Interest-free installment sale

Allow customers to make interest-free installments pyment with credit cards issued by Stopanska Banka. This exclusive opportunity is available to merchants using POS Terminals from the Bank. They receive the proceeds from payment in installments as a whole, or in as many installments as the sale is made.

Consumer loans through merchants

Apply and sign a contract with Stopanska Banka so that your customers have the opportunity to shop at your points of sale with the Bank's fast consumer loans. For more information and the possibility of future cooperation please contact the i-bank store on the River Vardar Quay.

Contact i-bank store

  • Phone no: 02/3295 - 285 or 286
  • Е-mail: i-bankstore@stb.com.mk

Marketing cooperation

Merchants have an exclusive opportunity for marketing cooperation with Stopanska Banka, providing discounts and benefits to various segments of clients – SB card users.

Golden Club

Golden club - goldenclub.stb.com.mk Members are merchants that provide discounts and benefits to the users of premium VISA Gold credit and debit cards issued by the Bank. If you sell exclusive products and services, Stopanska Banka enables you to increase your sales by becoming part of the Golden Club program through which the Bank promotes free of charge discounts and benefits to the richest 10,000 customers in the country – users of the Bank's Visa Gold cards.


Part of TOPSI www.topsi.mk youth services also include numerous points of sale offering discounts and deals for TOPSI clients (18-28 years). To qualify for the discount, you need to show a MasterCard TOPSI debit card.

If you sell products and services to younger customers (up to 28 years of age), Stopanska Banka enables you to increase your sales by becoming part of the TOPSI program through which the Bank promotes free of charge discounts and benefits to more than 80,000 TOPSI clients of the Bank (age up to 28 years).

Possibility for cooperation

If you want your offer to be part of the GoldenClub and TOPSI discounts and benefits program, you have to submit a short description of your offer / discount and contact details at: kontaktcentar@stb.com.mk, call: 02/3100 - 109 or visit any of the SB branches. Our staff will contact you to check and include the offer under the TOPSI program.




For further information, please contact

Веб-страницата на Стопанска банка АД - Скопје користи „колачиња“ кои собираат податоци за корисниците. Овие податоци помагаат на Банката да обезбеди подобро корисничко искуство, како и подобра функционалност на услугите и веб-страницата. Со одбирање на опцијата „Ги прифаќам сите колачиња“ давате согласност за начинот на кој ги користиме „колачињата“. За други опции, одете во „Поставки за колачиња“. Дополнително, користењето на веб-страницата на СБ не е условена од прифаќањето на колачињата иако на тој начин одредени процеси може да не бидат технички оптимизирани за вашето лично корисничко искуство.