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Domestic payment operations

General information

When opening a payment account in Stopanska Banka, you are eligible for a range of cost efficient and easy to use services, which is due to the fact that:

  • The Bank has a wide network of branches
  • Payment transactions are possible from any location of Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje
  • Transactions and the account balance checking can be done via electronic banking
  • If the transaction is done between two accounts in the bank, payment can be done in real time, i.e. immediately. Since, Stopanska Banka holds more than 30% of the payment accounts of registered legal entities that are active in the local payment operations it thus provides a quick realization of your payment transactions and use of funds
  • Standing orders can be made.
  • Payment transactions can be prioritized
  • Framework revolving loans can be approved for the account for domestic payment operations
  • We use the integrated information system GLOBUS that enables online management of all your accounts
  • We offer Business cards
  • We provide banking operations counseling

Payment schedule

The Client is obliged to inform the bank about all status, address and other changes within three days from the day of the changes.

Payments within a day
Accepting payment orders
Processing time
KIBS Every working day from 8:00 until
13:30 o'clock
No later than 14:20 o'clock
on the same day
MIPS Every working day from 8:00 until
15:30 o'clock
No later than 16:30 o'clock
on the same day
Internal payment system of STB Every working day from 8:00 until
18:00 o'clock, Saturdays until 12:30
No later than 19:00 o'clock
on the same day
Cash deposits
Every working day from 8:00 until
13:00 o'clock

Every working day from 13:00 until
18:00, amounts up to 100.000 MKD

Every working day from 13:00 until
18:00, amounts above 100.000 MKD



The following working day

Cash disbursement
Every working day from 8:00 until
14:30 o'clock
Cash disbursement for budget users Every working day from 8:00 until
13:00 o'clock


Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions for the services of STOPANSKA BANKA in domestic payment operations


Payment system Hard copy payment order

Non-Cash payments - KIBS


 1-10.000 MKD
over 10.000 MKD
50,00 MKD per order
55,00 MKD per order
20,00 MKD per order
24,00 MKD per order
Non-Cash payments - MIPS    290,00 MKD per order  120,00 MKD per order

Non-Cash payments - INTERNAL


 1-10.000 MKD

above 10.000 MKD
35,00 MKD per order
40,00 MKD per order
 9,00 MKD per order
11,00 MKD per order
Non-cash fund transfers - form PP53    internal - 5,00 MKD
KIBS- 19,00 MKD
MIPS- 85,00 MKD



Payment system
Cash Transactions
Depositing daily turnover before 12:00 o'clock no fee
Cash deposits  0.15%, not less than 50,00 MKD
Cash disbursement  0.5%, not less than 50,00 MKD
Cash deposits to a treasury account through KIBS 0,15% from the amount, minimum 70,00 MKD
Cash deposits to a treasury account through MIPS 255,00 MKD
Account Management
Debt turnover from 0,00 to 500.000,00 MKD  400,00 MKD monthly
Debt turnover from 500.001,00 to 1.000.000,00 MKD 600,00 MKD monthly
Debt turnover above 1.000.000,00 MKD 1.100,00 MKD monthly
for preparation of statements 10,00 MKD per statement
preparation and delivery of data from a statement with a bookkeeping file 10,00 MKD per statement
activation of inactive account 500,00 MKD
closing an account upon request 0,00 MKD
administration, hosting and keeping documents and data 1.000,00 MKD
closing an account because of the law up to the balance, maximum 1.000,00 MKD
Issuing a confirmation for the account 150,00 MKD per confirmation paper
transcript of a statement for a past time frame for the previous year 50,00 MKD per statement
transcript of a statement for a past time frame for several years in the past 100,00 MKD per page
Transcript of a payment order 250,00 MKD
Production and issuing of a second card 50,00 денари
Reception, processing and execution of executive, court and other enforcement decisions
Reception and processing of the decision 1,500,00 MKD per document
Account blocking 200,00 MKD per document
Account de-blocking 200,00 MKD per document
Interest list calculation 130,00 MKD per page
Report issuing with data from the enforced collection per request, in accordance to the regulations 500,00 MKD per document
Domestic payments through a web app for individuals
Opening an account in ERTS no fee
Payments within the bank system no fee
Payments via KIBS up to 10.000,00 MKD = 9,00 MKD
Payments via KIBS above 10.001,00 MKD = 12,00 MKD
Payment via MIPS using NBRSM system 100,00 MKD
Digital token certificate on a smart card 1.900,00 MKD






For further information, please contact

Веб-страницата на Стопанска банка АД - Скопје користи „колачиња“ кои собираат податоци за корисниците. Овие податоци помагаат на Банката да обезбеди подобро корисничко искуство, како и подобра функционалност на услугите и веб-страницата. Со одбирање на опцијата „Ги прифаќам сите колачиња“ давате согласност за начинот на кој ги користиме „колачињата“. За други опции, одете во „Поставки за колачиња“. Дополнително, користењето на веб-страницата на СБ не е условена од прифаќањето на колачињата иако на тој начин одредени процеси може да не бидат технички оптимизирани за вашето лично корисничко искуство.