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EXCLUSIVE: The Bank organized a hefty winning game for the users of e-commerce. The winning game will last until the end of the year and has the purpose of enticing clients in making more frequent online purchases. Make the most of this winning game to attract more shoppers on your online store!

For more information about the winning game please follow this link.


Е-COMMERCE – Electronic Commerce

The e-commerce is reflection of the modern way of life, making the Internet commerce simple and accessible for every home, everywhere in the world.  

The simplicity of purchasing with global card brands Visa & MasterCard, the accessibility for every home and every place, as well as the relatively low costs for maintenance (as compared with the sale at physical locations) make Internet commerce the fastest growing business worldwide, marking continuous growth in every country of the world.

The e-commerce service of Stopanska Banka was made for legal entities holding an account with the Bank (or planning to open one). If you are interested in using the e-commerce service of Stopanska Banka, it is enough for you to express your interest and send it to the e-mail:  or to visit the new opened i-bank store of the bank in the center of Skopje (at “kej 13 Noemvri”). 

Why is the e-commerce service of Stopanska Banka the best choice: 

  • The rise of the e-commerce in RM started off with the introduction of Stopanska Banka e-commerce service, as complete solution, recognized and already in use at the very beginning by the biggest companies within this domain. Therefore, almost 50% of the total turnover in the e-commerce of RM is realized through Stopanska Banka.
  • The service offers high level of security in accordance with the international standards of Visa and MasterCard, and favorable prices for implementation and use. 
  • The service of Stopanska Banka enables sale of products and services throughout the country and the world via payment cards bearing the brand Visa or MasterCard/Maestro.
  • The e-commerce service of Stopanska Banka is characterized with ultimate simplicity of technical implementation on the web site of clients (legal entities) and high level of technical support.
  •  The service comes in package with other professional services of the bank in the part of: account maintenance, domestic and foreign payment operations and e-banking, as well as detailed reports on realized payments through the e-commerce service. 

Advantages of electronic (internet) sale of products and services:


  • Saving time, enabling purchasing/ paying/ ordering to be made at any given time (24/7) from any given place in the country or abroad
  • Placement of products at the whole market in the country, region or the whole world
  • Higher transparency and comparison of the characteristics of products and services being sold/ offered.
  • Lower sales costs with regard to the sale of products and services through physical location (shop or representative office), as well as simpler administration and possibility to manage reserves in accordance with the ‘just in time’ principle.
  • Possibility to eliminate intermediaries and direct approach to clients, as well as lower sales costs make it possible for the sale of products to be made at more competitive prices and terms and conditions. 


 In addition to the possibility for concluding an agreement with Stopanska Banka, the e-commerce service of the Bank can be used indirectly as well, by realizing cooperation with some of the following companies the bank cooperates with, which can also offer you preparation of complete web solution for e-commerce:

•    Trading center ( by using some to the service packages. More information on this offer can be obtained on the phone no.: 02 3224 784 or or the web page 

•     Company iVote (creators of the leading internet bookshop in cooperation with Stopanska Banka, offers fast, easy and safe start of your internet shop. Cisium is the true solution for e-commerce ( More information on realizing cooperation can be obtained on:

•     In cooperation with UKION, you can initiate internet commerce in a fast and simple manner. Everything is included in the price of packages and connected to your account with Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje. More information on the web page:, email: or +389 (0)70 787 850.