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Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje was established by the Resolution of the Second Plenary Session of ASNOM on 29.12.1944 under the name Makedonska Stopanska Banka. With the set up of the Bank, the basis of banking operations in then Federate Republic Macedonia were set, and in the next years, there was not a building, an investment or a development project that was not supported by Stopanska banka. The Bank history notes the memories of building power stations, infrastructure buildings, factory halls, bridges and highways, memories of how the Republic of North Macedonia was developed in parallel with Stopanska banka. During the years of growth and development, the Bank was adapted to all characteristics of social and economic environment, starting as a Bank of communal banks, and then common Bank organized in branches, to its transformation into Shareholders Company in 1990. At the beginning of the new millennium, Stopanska banka was privatized, and became a part of the Group of the National Bank of Greece, one of the largest and most successful banking groups in Europe.

As the everyday life is consisted of challenges, successes and hard moments, so the Bank had to face many challenges during its transition. At the beginning, the challenge to build a country destroyed by war, then to support the economic and social development, and in the new millennium the Bank was faced with the largest challenge until now, i.e. the Bank to be transformed and restructured in a modern financial institution organized according to the top international banking practices, thus, supporting the transformation of the Macedonian economy in today functional market economy.Today, with more than million clients individuals, and more than 50% of the active companies in Macedonia as clients, we can proudly say that we are the Bank of every family and partner of almost each company in the country. By exceeding the assets of over than EUR 1 billion, we became a part of the largest banks in the region and the largest Bank in North Macedonia.

The Bank future is the obligation to listen to, understand and support the healthy businesses, to allocate the deposits efficiently and in a way that contributes to opening new positions and accelerates the economic development. The stability is top priority and = highest value of the corporate culture of the Bank. Through the new technologies, Stopanska banka shall become a part of the everyday life and will move its counters to the households and offices of the companies. We shall continue to grow based on our knowledge, new and advanced technologies and the international experience and know-how of the National Bank of Greece, our major shareholder.

Stopanska banka shall continue to be a bridge connecting the tradition, present and future and shall always remain to be on your side.