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PRESS RELEASE - Support for the immunization process by Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje







Support for the immunization process by Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje


We are now entering the immunization period which we believe will be the end of this global pandemic and people will finally be able to operate and function freely again. However, this process will be long and will require commitment and responsibility from everyone.


In that direction, Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje these days signed an agreement for donation of equipment necessary for successful implementation of the immunization process. With this donation, the Bank during the past 10 months has donated more than 220,000 euros in dealing with the coronavirus through equipment and materials for support of the health workers:

  • Complete respiratory set for the PHI University Clinic for infectious diseases and febrile conditions
  • Mobile X-ray machine for the PHI University Clinic for infectious diseases and febrile conditions
  • Video surveillance and geolocation for ambulances from the Health Center - Skopje
  • Masks, visors and gloves for 9 clinical centers throughout the Republic and
  • 12 specialized refrigerators for receiving, storing and distributing COVID vaccines for the Health Center - Skopje


These projects were identified in direct and open cooperation with the Ministry of Health for support with the necessary equipment which directly assists the health professionals in dealing with the crisis on the local level.


We pointed out the challenges that are part of the everyday life during this period at today's meeting with the Minister of Health and the Director of the Health Center - Skopje, and the successful management of these challenges depends on both, the individual and collective responsibility.


In this occasion, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Diomidis Nikoletopoulos stated:

"I used today's meeting to convey, through the Minister of Health MD Venko Filipce, my gratitude to all medical workers involved in this fight against COVID-19, which unfortunately we all experience, directly or indirectly. Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje as a socially responsible company as many times before, without exception, was on the side of those who need our support the most, which is why all our efforts and budgets have been redirected to support the health system during the last 10 months. By successful implementation of the immunization process, as well as the numerous activities done so far, we encourage this noble activity of helping and caring, with the only purpose for the good and for the benefit of all citizens. You have had our support for many years and it will continue in the future, as well."


The Minister of Health MD Venko Filipce made the following statement: "Thanks to Stopanska Banka AD Skopje and the CEO Mr. Nikoletopoulos, which once again showed that the Bank is socially responsible and have donated funds and equipment where they were really needed. At the beginning of the crises, Stopanska banka donated equipment, respiratory machines, and mobile device X-rays for the Clinic for Infectious and Febrile Diseases, which completely rounded up the needs of the intensive care unit, and allowed patients to be scanned where they are being treated. Last year, the Bank said that it would not stop there, and also thanks to Stopanska Banka for the special navigation systems and GPS locators for 21 ambulance vehicles, thus, allowing us to know exactly where they are, facilitating emergency medical care, which will completely improve the operation of this service, and faster access to health services for the citizens. I hope that this cooperation will continue."


The Director of the PHI Health Center - Skopje, MD Viktor Isjanovski stated:

"On behalf of the Health Center - Skopje, I express my gratitude for the wonderful cooperation with the team from Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje. In addition to the navigation and video surveillance system that is already in use, I would add that this time, as a donation we received 12 medical refrigerators for the needs of the Health Center. "Two have already arrived and have been installed in Bit Pazar Polyclinic and the other 10 refrigerators, intended for the vaccination process, are expected to be received very soon and will be distributed in the other polyclinics, as well."


Stopanska banka AD - Skopje

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