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4th Microsoft Office Specialist competition at i-bank store



4th Microsoft Office Specialist competition at i-bank store



We have this year's Microsoft Office Specialist champion, who will represent the country at the World Competition in New York, USA

As part of the project for promotion of the digital literacy of the young people in the Republic of North Macedonia. Today North Macedonia, for the fourth time got its representative for the world competition MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) which was held at i-bank store, the branch of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje.
Ana Marija Atanasovska from the Skopje, student in the High school Rade Jovchevski - Korchagin won the first place of this year's final, featuring the best 40 youngsters from nearly 700 registered people, under the mentor-ship of professor Zaklina Prekic. As a champion of the National MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) competition, Ana Marija will represent the World Masters Contest traditionally held in the US and where champions from 120+ countries in the world will take part.

According to the organizers of the IMC competition, Certiadria, the interest for competing grows, year by year.

"We are particularly proud that the number of young people working on improving their digital literacy is increasing, which in the past was not an example. Congratulations to Ana Marija for winning the first place and we wish success in New York at the world competition. Great appreciation for all supporters of this event that enabled it to become a tradition. I would like to mention that all the participants who passed the exams obtained international certificates, confirming the achieved level of digital literacy and skills necessary for further success and career development", said Marko Serafimovski, Certiadria Manager.

"For the fourth time, we have the honor to host one of the biggest challenges available for young students in Macedonia. Representatives of future generations take part in this competition and their commitment, persistence and success are a huge hope for a better and safer future for our country. Sincere congratulations for all participants, and of course special congratulations for the winner and her opportunity to compete at the global level and to introduce her peers from around the world. Stopanska banka AD - Skopje continues to invest in supporting the youth through such projects through the TOPSI platform and of course through the possibility of volunteering, working practice and employment." said Мrs. Milica Chaparovska-Jovanovska, Chief Retail Officer of Stopanska Banka AD Skopje, which traditionally supports this competition by covering the cost of traveling for the winner and mentor of the World Competition in the United States.

Valentina Taseva, Manager of Semos Education, addressed the contestants in her address: "Do not stop building your knowledge and skills in all fields, now and continuously. Your home is all over the world. Build your global home with knowledge. Just in that way, you will make a better place for everyone. We believe in you. You are the future".

At the final, the representative of the City of Skopje, who is a partner in the organization and implementation of the MOS competition, also addressed the public.
"Like last year, this City of Skopje provided free testing for 500 participants. I am pleased that by supporting this project, we have enabled students to take the exams free of charge and acquire an internationally recognized IMC certificate. For this year, we purchase 500 exams of which 450 MOS and 50 ACAs. I am pleased to state that from year to year the number of high school students participating in the competition is growing and by validating this world recognized certificate, they are valorizing their knowledge. Over the past years, the City has directly supported 1750 students enabling them to take the MSA exams free of charge, but this practice will continue in the future in order to give more young people the opportunity to acquire this certificate. " from the City of Skopje.


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The competition is held for the fourth year in a row and is organized by Certiadria, with the support of many companies, state institutions and municipalities, including: City of Skopje, Municipality of Kumanovo, Semos Education, Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje, Makpetrol AD Skopje and others.
The MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) competition is aimed for young people aged 13 to 22, that is, for all primary and secondary school students, as well as faculty students. Participants in this contest have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in knowledge of Microsoft Office tools: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2013 or 2016).

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