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Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) and Green Card

Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) and Green Card

From now on, buy Motor third party liability insurance or any other type of insurance in the branches of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje in cooperation with Croatia Insurance/Non-life.

Why should you buy motor third party liability insurance?

  • Without MTPL insurance you cannot register your vehicle;
  • With the MTPL insurance, you do not insure your vehicle but your liability for damages caused to third parties;
  • You can additionally provide insurance policy for glass breakage and insurance against accident for the driver and passengers;
  • The amount of the annual premium is legally regulated and depends on the motor vehicle type;
  • In Stopanska Banka, you can retain all previously obtained discounts from the previous years in which you did not cause damage to third parties.

What to do if you want to travel abroad with your vehicle?

  • If you want to use your vehicle abroad you must own a Green Card, which is actually a territorial extension of your MTPL insurance;
  • The Green Card is for your protection in case of a car accident abroad;
  • In case of a harmful event involving your vehicle abroad, the damage will be compensated accordingly, whether you are the cause or you are the damaged party;
  • The price of the Green Card depends on the motor power of the passenger vehicle; it is legally regulated and is the same in all insurance companies in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • In order to issue a Green Card, it is necessary to have the MTPL insurance policy issued by Croatia Insurance / Non-life;
  • The Green Card is issued for one month or one year and is associated with the MTPL insurance policy period.

Find out more about this type of insurance in the branches of Stopanska Banka or through the Contact Center at: 02/3100 109.




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