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From now on, buy Casco or any other type of insurance in the branches of Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje in cooperation with Croatia Insurance/Non-life.

  • With Casco insurance you get complete financial security of the vehicle.
  • Casco is voluntary insurance that provides protection against material damage to the insured vehicle in case of a car accident regardless of the culprit, as well as any damage, destruction or disappearance of the vehicle.
  • The subject of insurance are all types of motor vehicles as well as the equipment that is factory-fitted to the vehicle. 

The Casco insurance covers the following risks:

  • accidents including rollover, crash, hit, sliding, flip off, etc.
  • falling object or an impact from an object
  • fire
  • sudden external thermal or chemical action
  • lightning strike
  • explosion, except nuclear energy explosion
  • storm, hail, avalanche
  • flood, torrent and high waters
  • aircraft crash
  • marches and demonstrations
  • theft and robbery
  • malicious actions by third parties

Remember, when buying Casco insurance, you can use the discount of 600 or 400 MKD, which is granted by the Bank if you are a user of consumer loan with insurance against accident included.
Calculation of the annual insurance premium (price) can be obtained in any of the Bank's branches, as well as through the 24/7 Contact Center at: (02) 3100 109




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