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Sonuvame. Menuvame. vol.4



Sonuvame. Menuvame. vol.4



Stopanska banka AD - Skopje proudly presents the fourth edition of its CSR project #SonuvameMenuvame which this year will include 15 concerts with the kids favorite 5+ Family and the kids with disabilities. The Bank initiated this project in order to raise public awareness and provoke broader discussion about the inclusion of persons with disabilities especially among kids who are an open and accepting audience, when the topic is useful. Since 2016 when #SonuvameMenuvame had once performance, it gradually grew, attracted attention and created grounds for growing empathy, understanding and a better society for the persons with disabilities. Therefore, the fourth edition comes in a bigger package - more concerts, more performances by the kids and of course bigger audience.


This year, our host is the Macedonian National Theater, where, starting December 14th, 15 concerts by the 5+ Family actors and the associations of kids with disabilities will be performed:

-  Dancers United
 - Ema Ananievska
 - Aleksandar Matovski - Cako
 - Filip Velichkovski
 - EUREKA dance group
 - Trisomija 21
 - Ognen
 - Koco Racin - rehabilitation center, Bitola
 - Kuzman Josifovski school, Skopje
 - Kristijan Lazarov and many other dear friends.


Through song, dance and laughter kids will realize that the differences should not divide them, rather they should unite them. Come, join us, select the time and date most suitable for you and purchase your tickets online or at the MNT ticket office.



Saturday 14.12.2019 from 14 and 17 h

Sunday 15.12.2019 from 11, 14 and 17 h

Thursday 26.12.2019 from 10 and 12 h

Friday 27.12.2019 from 10, 12 and 18 h

Saturday 28.12.2019 from 11 and 14 hand

Sunday 29.12.2019 from 11, 14 and 17h


As all the previous years, proceeds from the ticket sales (200mkd per ticket) will be added to the #SonuvameMenuvame donations fund. The fund helped realize over 25 projects in the past 3 years providing kids with disabilities with equipment, better conditions for work, study and play.


The call for grant applications is open again and associations have begun sending their applications. This years' grant winners shall be announced before the premiere of the concerts on the 14.12. As each previous year, all performances shall be translated in sign language.


OxO production is again significant part of #SonuvameMenuvame and plans, organizies and executes the concerts through which we transfer the mighty message for bigger inclusion of persons with disabilities in each aspect of life. As the single most popular education TV content, 5+ family is part of childhood generations over 12 years and we believe that their role in making the message be heard and understood is immense.

Stopanska banka AD - Skopje

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For further information, please contact

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