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Unsecured Consumer Loan for Pensioners



MKD transaction account connected with VISA Electron – DEBIT CARD

Product description

MKD transaction account, in accordance with the client's request, can be:

-  Savings (transaction) account or

-  Current (transaction) account with allowed overdraft

Interest rate 

2% annual interest rate on the positive balance up to MKD 40.000 and 

1% annual interest rate on the positive balance over MKD 40.000

Allowed overdraft 

Allowed overdraft in current (transaction) account in the amount of 2 pensions
     • 10,13% annual, variable interest on the utilized overdraft

VISA Electron – debit card


Possibility for connecting the accounts with VISA Electron debit card, WITHOUT MEMBERSHIP FEE for the entire period of card utilization. The card is used in the country for: •  Free of fee cash withdrawal at ATM and
•  Free of fee non-cash payments in the merchant network

Required documents

•  Copy of ID card                                                                                                                               •  Pension check
•  Application for VISA Electron debit card


Product description

VISA Star credit card, that can be used for non-cash payments in the merchant network free of fee, in the country and abroad

Credit limit

According to the applicable criteria of the Bank

Interest rate 

  • 10,13%  annual, variable 

Annual membership fee

•  NO ANNUAL FEE for the first year of issuance

•  MKD 300 annual fee in the following years for e-mail delivery of statements

•  MKD 450 annual fee in the following years for postal delivery of statements


•  at SB counters
•  by standing order

Minimum monthly payment

5% - of the amount of transactions made in one credit cycle and calculated interest

Possibility for purchases in instalments 

•  Possibility for purchasing in 2,3,4,5,6,10,12,18, 24 and 36 installments FREE OF INTEREST
•  Minimum transaction amount for payment in installments is MKD 1.000
•  Only at merchants that concluded agreement with SB for payment in installments free of interest

Approval criteria

•  Persons up to 67 years of age
•  Minimum monthly income – MKD 8.100

Required documents

•  Application for VISA Star credit card
•  Copy of ID card
•  Pension check

Unsecured consumer loan

Product description

Unsecured consumer loan for SB pensioners


  • *15.000 MKD-300.000 MKD  
*Existing client user of some SB lending product, loan up to 610.000 MKD

Repayment period 

  From 6 to 84 months (7 years)

Annual interest rates *


  • 11,25 %


NO application fee for SB pensioners
• Administrative costs of 2%, collected once from the approved amount


•  Equal monthly annuities (minimum monthly annuity of MKD 1.200)
•  For all holders of transaction account with SB, the payment can be made by standing order

Approval criteria

•  Individuals, pensioners – residents of the Republic of Macedonia          

•  Minimum net monthly income  -  MKD 8.100 (for each borrower)                               

• Client age - up to 67 on the date of loan repayment.

Required documents

•  Application for consumer loan
•  Photocopy of ID card
•  Pension check

•  Consent of a client for submission report from Macedonian Credit Bureau

In compliance with applicable regulations, SB regularly announces the Annual Percentage Rate of total costs (APR) on its website, on the bulletin boards at counters and through public media