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Opened at

SB Sub-branches 


Right to opening 

Right to opening a current transaction account is owned by all adult citizens that generate earnings under regular employment, performance of freelancing professional activities or professions, pension / disability insurance, or any other basis.


Conditions for opening current transaction account and necessary forms
1.By directing salaries to the Bank 
-written request from the legal entity 
-list of employees for whom current transaction account is opened 
-photocopy of ID card 
-blank promissory note signed at the Bank

2. Individual opening of current transaction account 
-completed request by the client (on a prescribed form by the Bank) 
-photocopy of ID card 
-certificate for regular employment by the applicant


Document issued by SB branches
When opening current transaction account, SB issues the following to the client: 
- agreement on current transaction account 
- payment card for utilization in the merchant network and at ATMs


Instruments for usage of funds from the current transaction account 


- VISA Electron payment card for usage in the merchant network in Macedonia and at the counters and ATMs in Macedonia
- the funds in the payment card may be used in compliance with the General rules for obtaining and using debit cards of Stopanska Banka.




- In cash at all branches and related counters of SB
- transfer of salaries by employers
- transfer from other accounts held with SB
- transfer from accounts held with other banks
- transfer of funds via the e-banking system

- cash withdrawal
- payments in the merchant network with the payment card
- payment of regime costs
- standing order
- transfer to other accounts held with SB
- transfer to accounts held with other banks
- transfer of funds via the e-banking system

Standing order 
The holder of the current transaction account may issue a standing order for execution of payments on his/her behalf in the amount of the funds in his/her current transaction account for costs in certain amounts. The standing order may be used for regular household costs, repayment of loans approved by Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje , and the like.

Authorization for using funds from the current transaction account
The holder of the current transaction account may issue authorization to another adult person that is to use the funds in his/her current transaction account. The authorization may be issued at the moment of opening the current transaction account or additionally at any time

Fee on current transaction account
- fee on debit transaction initiated by the client – MKD 2.00 (Minimum MKD 20 monthly and maximum MKD 30 monthly)
The fee is charged on a monthly basis.

Duration of authorization 
- as long as the current transaction account is opened or
- until revocation conducted by the holder of the current transaction account

Allowed overdraft in current transaction accounts

At request of the client, the Bank provides conclusion of agreement on using allowed overdraft upon current accounts in the amount of determined amounts for allowed overdrafts. Charges for renewal of overdraft are MKD 200 on a one-time basis.


Duration of allowed overdraft
- up to 12(twelve) months

- positive interest on positive balance of account
- negative interest on allowed overdraft
- statutory default interest when the allowed overdraft is exceeded 
-the interest is calculated from the payment date to the disbursement date by application of the interest rate determined in SB decision, while this interest rate is floating. The interest is calculated on a monthly basis
Stopanska Banka , according to the applicable regulations, regularly announces the valid interest rates on its website, at its counters and via all public media.

- The data in the current transaction account are Bank's business secret

Disclosure of current transaction account data 
- The data, documents and information about clients, accounts and account transactions may be disclosed in the following cases:

- if a law prescribes disclosure of data and information

- if the client has issued written approval to SB for data disclosure

- at written request of the competent court for management with proceedings within its jurisdiction

- for the needs of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia or other supervisory body authorized by law

- at written request of the Internal Revenue Service for management with the proceedings within its jurisdiction

- if the data are disclosed to the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention Bureau, in compliance with the law

- if data are disclosed to the Financial Police Bureau, in compliance with the law

- at written request of the State Foreign Exchange Inspectorate for control over foreign exchange operations


- at written request of the Deposit Insurance Fund, in compliance with the law

- if data are announced for the needs of the functionality of NBRM Credit Register

- if data are announced to an authorized enforcer after prior submitted written request to SB in an appropriate form (Form 6) prescribed as per the Rules on the form, contents of orders, conclusions, minutes, requests, official notes and other enactments drawn up by the enforcer at the conduct of enforcement activities.

Statement of current transaction account 
Information on the balance of current transaction account and related changes may be obtained free of charge::
- at any counter of SB in the Republic of Macedonia
- on the Internet via the Bank's e-banking service

Other benefits offered by the current transaction account
- with a regular usage of the current transaction account, the holder may acquire privileged access to certain Bank's products

Provision of other services under current accounts 
For other services under current accounts, Bank's network of sub-branches and branches throughout the Republic of Macedonia are fully at your disposal

Contact data

 Regarding all issues related to current transaction accounts, you may contact Bank's sub-branches and the 24/7 Call Center by calling (02) 3100 109