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Features of "18/20" time deposit

Product description 
• The client invests funds in time deposit on 18 months with fixed interest rate for the time depositing period, and SB calculates interest for two additional months, i.e. a total of 20 months.
Interest for the 2 additional months is paid to the client when the time depositing period expires, i.e. along with the payment of interest for the 18 th month.

When placing funds on time deposit, the client has the possibility to choose:

• Deposit WITH capitalization and monthly accumulation of the calculated interest to the basic deposit, or

• Deposit WITHOUT capitalization of interest – the monthly calculated interest amount is transferred to another demand account 

Benefits for the client
•  Bonus interest for 2 additional months
•  Guaranteed interest rates during the time depositing period
•  Safe and reliable Bank, Bank of trust

Time depositing period
Time deposit placed on 18 months with interest income for 20 months

Deposit currency
•  EUR
•  MKD

Minimum deposit amount
•  EUR 200 
•  MKD 12,000

Target clients

•  Residents, and
•  Non-residents


The interest rates are fixed and guaranteed for the time depositing period


* Average annual interest rates on deposits with monthly capitalization of calculated interest to the basic deposit
** Average interest yield for the entire time depositing period with monthly capitalization of calculated interest to the basic deposit


Interest calculation

WITH capitalization
The interest is capitalized and accumulated to the deposit, and the accumulated interest amount remains in the time deposit account which increases the interest-bearing capital on a monthly basis.
In this case, the client has the interest at disposal after the deposit maturity, i.e. the same day after the expiry of the 18 th month

WITHOUT capitalization
SB calculates interest monthly and transfers it to another account for usage of interest on a monthly basis.
In this case, the client has the interest at disposal monthly, i.e. the same day after the day of interest calculation for the concrete month.

Policy of automatic renewal

At the moment of deposit opening, the client will declare for:
•    Renewal of the principal (for deposits without capitalization)
•    Renewal of the principal and the interest (for deposits with capitalization)

Renewal shall be done under terms and conditions valid at the date of renewal. The client may dispose with the funds at any time, according to the policy for premature deposit withdrawal

Policy for early time deposit cancellation

The depositor may cancel the agreement even prior to the expiry of the time depositing period, whereat SB calculates and pays sight interest from the moment of placing funds on time deposit, i.e. time deposit renewal, to the moment of early cancellation of the agreement.

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