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24 hours CONTACT CENTER (02) 3100 109


11 Oktomvri 7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

+ 389 (02) 3114 503 





Stopanska banka AD – Skopje enables you a quick, effective and secure 24-hour access to all banking products and services via the e-banking service.


The e-banking service offers the following functionalities:


  • Balance monitoring and payment execution from transactional and FCY accounts
  • Credit and deposit products balance monitoring
  • Application for individual loaning products




Balance monitoring
You can easily monitor your overall financial condition by monitoring the current balance of your MKD and FCY accounts at any time and any place you have Internet access from.

Daily transactions monitoring
You can check the inflows and outflows for all your MKD and FCY accounts in the current day from the moment of their execution.


Statement receipt
You can receive statements of all your MKD and FCY accounts from the moment of your being signed in the e-banking service. You may print out each statement or receive it as a file for connection with your records.


Payments - individuals

 Payments may be made from your MKD checking account.

You can use the e-banking services for the following payments: 
- bills for power, water supply, radio and tv license fee, central heating, telephone, cell phone, cable TV etc. 
- liabilities to SB and other banks (mortgage loan installment, consumer loan installment, safe-deposit box services, credit card-based debts etc.) 
- taxes and contributions
For the use of this SB service, the Bank will give you an OTP device, that will make your way of payment easier via e-banking, however, at the same time the same device you can use it for m-banking and phone banking which will give you access to all the inovative services that Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje is developing for you. If you want to use the OTP token for payments with the e-banking service, you don't need any special instalations and adjustments, in fact you may use it for all operating systems and via all internet browsers.  



Information on the amount and date of expiration of the granted transactional account overdraft
You can obtain information on the amount and date of expiration of the granted transactional account overdraft so that you can timely undertake activities for its extension.




SB's e-banking service offers countless benefits:

• saves your precious time
• provides access to you accounts from work, home, hotel, cell phone, any place you have Internet access from
• enables payment execution from work or home
• allows for real-time payment execution
• gives the possibility to connect with financial and accounting programs
• provides for successful fund management
• provides timely information on all new products and services