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VISA Credit Cards

Refresh your budget! VISA credit card with 5,9% interest rate untill the end of 2017!

Аpply for new VISA credit card and right now and use the interest rate of 5,9% for all buyings untill the end of 2017!

Promotional interest rate applies to all requests for a VISA credit cards of SB submited no later than 31/05/2017. 



VISA Credit Card with only 6,9% rate for the entire 2017!

For all newly approved applications for VISA Gold credit card from 28.12.2016 to 31.12.2017 reduced interest rate of 6.9% per year, valid until the end of 2017. The sooner you get your VISA Gold credit card, the longer enjoy excellent benefits and reductions KAMT Joint-stock rate!



VISA Gold Cash back program

This year the clients of Stopanska banka of VISA Gold credit cards grant monthly CASH BACK (return of cash) in the amount of 1% of the turnover made in the trade network. CASH BACK program includes every transaction that is made of point of sale in the country and abroad, as well as all transactions made on the domestic and foreign websites. The only prerequisite for obtaining CASH BACK each month trade turnover to at least 10,000 MKD or minimum CASH BACK 100 EUR.

Maximum CASH BACK during one month is 12.000 MKD


Stopanska banka AD - Skopje as a socially responsible bank continues with the humanitarian program, in which all users of VISA Gold credit cards. In fact, with no additional cost to customers with every transaction made with your VISA Gold card, Bank donates to charity. Respectively, with each transaction amounting to 5.000 MKD Banl allocates 5 MKD to charity, benefits it offers, but also enhance your contribution to the community. The choice of the donation of funds will be made in cooperation with the users of VISA Gold cards throughout the year.


Credit Card - АТМ


PROMOTION CONTINUES! Users of Visa / MasterCard credit cards of Stopanska Banka always gets more. And this year Stopanska banka continues the promotional offer with the possibility of raising cash without provision during the last weekend of every month in 2017 The promotional offer is valid only for raising cash from ATMs of the bank.


Month Promo Weekend
January 27.01 - 29.01.2017
February 24.02 - 26.02.2017
March 24.03 - 26.03.2017
April 28.04 - 30.04.2017
May 26.05 - 28.05.2017
June 23.06 - 25.06.2017
July 28.07 - 30.07.2017
August 25.08 - 27.08.2017
September 29.09 - 01.10.2017
October 27.10 - 29.10.2017
November 24.11 - 26.11.2017
December 29.12 - 31.12.2017



Credit Cards - branch

Cash on installments without interest rates




Users of VISA/MasterCard credit cards of Stopanska banka again receive more. Withdrawal of cash in installments without interest only in branches of SB. The daily limit for withdrawal is between 6.000 MKD and 30.000 MKD and bank service charges a commision of 5% of the withdrawn amount. Ability to withdraw cash up to 10 installments without interes for amounts to 15.000 MKD and up to 12 installments without interest for amount from 15.001 to 30.000 MKD