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Tabernakul literary awards 2015


With a special academy, held today, the Printing Company Tabernakul offered another feast for literary fans. Winners of the international Tabernakul literary award for 2015 are Hertha Miller (Nobel prize winner) and Tom Stophard, one of the most popular contemporary authors.

During the day, the winners together with the rest of the Tabernakul academy held a press conference, award ceremony and additional presentatio of the winners where Mr. Viktor Erofeev, a russian writer and a winner of this award, presented Mrs. Hertha Miller and her literary produce. Tom Stophard was presented by Mr. Goran Stefanovski one of the most acclaimed local authors.


Stopanska banka AD - Skopje in its efforts to support community values that improve everyday life provided both moral and financial support for the event, and through its Facebook profile shall provide copies of the books from the winners for its fans.



Stopanska banka AD - Skopje

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