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4 months without fees in the domestic payment opperations


Stopanska banka AD – Skopje, as the largest Bank in Macedonia always intends to remain on the side of its clients and to be the leading mechanism in realizing their plans and aspirations. By the reorganization process that the Bank implemented during the past years, the focus increased on legal entities offering modern banking products and services, available not only in the Bank branches, but also in the Regional Business Centers in Bitola, Strumica and Skopje.

Please do not miss the promotional offer during the period from 15.06. to 15.10.2011, and reduce your operating costs:
•    All new opened MKD accounts shall make all cash and non cash transactions on counters or e-banking WITHOUT ANY FEES
•    All MKD accounts activated after minimum 1 year inactivity shall make all cash and non cash transactions on counter or e-banking WITHOUT ANY FEES

Do not wait, visit the closest branch or business center and find out what are the required steps for opening MKD account in Stopanska banka.

After the expiration of the promotional period, the regular tariffs for realization of transactions in the domestic payment operations shall be applied.

Stopanska banka AD – Skopje
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