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Press Release

Five years ago, Stopanska banka AD – Skopje introduced the motto “On your side” and a year ago, we added the slogan “always first in line” to resemble our goals. These statements now present an obligation of the Bank to realize its promises to the clients during everyday operations. Today, it is our pleasure and honor to announce that we continue to be on your side and always first to provide you with qualitative service, this time, with our novelty Phone Banking service.
Phone banking is a service that can be used by all individuals, Bank clients, who would like to pay utility bills, loans or credit cards installments, to make any local currency transactions, to check the balance of their accounts and products and many other services in a simple, fast and secure manner through any telephone line.

In addition, the Bank remains to be the pioneer in introduction of the banking services based on high technologies guaranteeing the security, stability and safety in the operations in the country. Phone banking is an integral part of the brand i-bank, which symbolizes the increased freedom and choice of our clients, that can execute bank transactions over the phone, online or at ATMs 24h a day.

However, the development of the new services and products is a part of the Bank’s mission, which always intends to satisfy the needs of its clients, in the constantly changing environment in which we live and work.
Therefore, we use this opportunity to promote also the new deposit and credit product enriching the Bank portfolio and the alternatives offered to the population:
• Saving plan is the product intended for the clients who want to save regularly and monthly for their future plans. With the different time depositing periods and the options to choose the currency of the deposit this product shall be properly accepted by the clients, who requested from the Bank to develop such product.
• Unsecured consumer loan, as the oldest form of a lending product is now improved regarding its repayment period (up to 8 years) and regarding the amount (up to EUR 10.000), which is promotionally available with foreign currency clause and interest rate of only 8% per annum.

During the 66 years of its operations, Stopanska banka AD – Skopje is on your side and we shall remain devoted to that promise in the future, as well, when by the high technology innovations in the banking service, you will be always first in line, thus, using the free time only for you.

Stopanska banka AD – Skopje
On your side


The adress of Mr. Gligor Bishev, CEO of Stopanska banka AD - Skopje


Mrs. Hilda Petrovska presented the phone banking services to the media.

The BoD members visit the Contact centre premises at Stopanska banka AD  - Skopje