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The lucky winner is drawn from the VISA credit cards winning game

According to the rules of the „Pay with VISA and travel to Brazil” contest, with a presence of a notary, and a random election with help from a computer solution, the lucky winner was drawn and was rewarded with a voyage for 2 people in Brazil  on FIFA World Cup 2014.
The lucky winner is: A.S with ID number 2005860, address: st. Vostanicka number 114, Skopje. The winner is published in the daily newspaper Dnevnik on 19.05.2014.

The Bank contacted the winner and the preparations for the realization of the trip are ongoing. We are wishing a wonderful experience to the winner and the companion, for which they will inform us after the retrieval on 18.06.2014.

Stopanska banka AD - Skopje
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