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Stopanska banka was attending the Business day of the businessmen in the Industrial Zone Vizbegovo

Upon the Businessmen Association initiation in the industrial zone Vizbegovo, a Business Day was held, with aim for presenting the companies in the zone, and establishing business relationships as well. The event was held in premises of Tempo 99 that was organized by the association, where 40 companies have attended with their own stands and representatives, from different industries and sectors - banking, confectionary, automobile, etc.
The Business Day was opened by the president of the Business Association, Nedzat Shaini – a businessman from the zone, who with his opening speech gave directions and plans for the future activities that will follow in the association in the current year which will bear and bring positive climate and long term relationship between the companies, and development of the zone they are functioning into as well.
The companies had a great opportunity for networking and share mutual information about everything they represent and offer, and establishment of business relations as well. Between the participants, that presented themselves with their own stands, beside Stopanska Bank and Swisslion, were Suna, Zito Integral, Anastasiadi, Leks Electric, TDA Trade, Baukop, Olimpia Motors and many other.

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