Velopark soon in Skopje, donation from Stopanska banka AD - Skopje


During the last year event „Vozi pravo, vozi zdravo“, Stopanska banka AD - Skopje announced a construction of an educational corner for bikes, scooters, roller blades, donation for the City of Skopje.

In that direction, the Bank engaged the construction company Bortas DOO Skopje to realize the project in the Park Macedonia, settlement Kozle in accordance with the permission from officials from the City of Skopje for installation of an urban equipment No. 137216/2 dated 04.04.2016. For the construction of this corner will be used eco materials and will have urban equipment, such as: benches, kids cordner with playground, trash cans, traffic signs and signalization.

However, during the construction, the trees in the park will remain the same, they will not be cut or ruined, the plants garden also will remain part of this new, urban and recreactional corner. The access to the corner will be opened for everyone and can be used without any limitations from all schools and kindergardens that want to impose the traffic culture to their pupils from early age.

The construction operations depending on the wheather conditions shall be realized during May, when the Banka will organize a big event, when citizens of Skopje can help to the employees of the Bank for the final finetuning of the corner, such as: painting, cleaning around, and will open it officially together. The event will be as volume 2 of the last year mass event "Vozi pravo, vozi zdravo" which announced this donation by Stopanska banka, and which will be intended for all citizens of the city of Skopje, primarily for the youngest ones.

We hope that the citizens will be patient during the construction and soon we can all together enjoy this educational corner and will learn how to be more responsible traffic participants.
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The vizualization of the project for the educational corner for bikes can be opened on the following link.

Stopanska banka AD - Skopje
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