The first biking track for kids donated by Stopanska Banka was opened on June 8th, 2016 (Wednesday)

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Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje in the park Macedonia 2, settlement Kozle, has donated to the city of Skopje an educational traffic training ground for kids, by which closed the campaign "Vozi Pravo Vozi zdravo" and kept its promise to the citizens of Skopje who generously participated in the project.
Opened biking track is a safe corner where children can learn to ride a bicycle, scooter, roller skates, but also to learn the traffic rules from the vertical and horizontal signalization. Of course for additional entertainment, there are toys and benches where children can spend a carefree time. For the construction of the track, were used environmentally friendly materials and we pay special attention to preserve the seedlings and the arranged green areas. Additionally, volunteers from the Bank together with the children from neighboring schools and kindergartens were on the track adding additional mark - color, flowers and stickers, which we hope will be better connected to the track and they will feel like their own and also will take care of it .

On behalf of Stopanska Banka Bank AD - Skopje, Ms. Milica Caparovska Jovanovska, General Manager for Retail Banking said: "It’s a rare opportunity for such a public space to be refined and transformed into a place for recreation, entertainment and of course for education for children. We welcome the trust and support from the City of Skopje, all these months and on this occasion we are pleased to hand over the velodrome in the possession of the City of Skopje and in use for all citizens. We are proud of our team of employees which in fully conceived the event "Vozi pravo, vozi zdravo" successfully organized and finally in the end realized this donation. It is this energy, inspiration and commitment, embedded in our team spirit and corporate culture contribute to the success and growth of Stopanska Banka and certainly to new projects and donations which in the future be shared with the community. "

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Koce Trajanovski, Mayor of the City of Skopje said "preliminary design for the urban cycling ground for kids donated by the Stopanska Banka, is educational, that aims to teach children traffic signs and traffic rules. I want to take this opportunity to invite all representatives of the business sector to be open to all good ideas for implementing projects that will contribute to improve the living conditions in the municipalities. "

Stopanska Banka in addition to the children who are interested in will organize a school for cycling, hours for traffic rules and other interactive content on the path for which will gain even bigger value.
Photos and videos of the opening ceremony, and additional content for the track is available on the Facebook page of Stopanska Banka (www.Facebook.com/NaVasaStrana)

Technical Specifications:
Contractor is the construction company Bortas and for supervision were responsible Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia in accordance with the permit from the City of Skopje for installation of urban equipment no. 137216/2 of 04/04/2016. The value of construction works is estimated at 22.000 EUR and is fully paid for involved companies.
The path covers an area of 600m2, is 277m long with a rubber and part of block paving tiles. The width of the track is 120 cm 2 sidewalks for pedestrians there are set 5 mini-lying obstacles, a wooden bridge with 8% slope, one roundabout is set and two additional junctions, 26 interactive traffic lights and road signs and 85m2 room with toys and picnic desks / tables is available.

Stopanska Banka AD - Skopje
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