Example of positive CSR activity


Stopanska banka AD – Skopje as a corporate responsible company is proud of its legacy of well-established and recognizable CSR practice over the years. Although, as citizen, in the setting of our busy everyday life, projects and deadlines we sometimes forget that the complex society, of which we are integral part, needs our energy, our support and our guidance, the Bank has implemented a strategy, of course, empowered by its employees that makes efforts to build a stronger and long lasting relationship with the community and society through CSR efforts.
At the same time, these efforts are encouraged by our Group (NBG), with whom we regularly share our positive CSR experiences and thus build a tower of knowledge that the entire Group can use to benefit each community.

This is why we are motivated to share the information that starting February, the NBG Group launched a long term project aimed at activating the entire society in identifying weak spots and trying to fix them together. In cooperation with the public, the project named Act4Greece identifies issues that smaller communities have, develops a detailed plan and budget, making the details publicly available and afterwards begins crowdfunding in a certain time frame.

The web platform https://www.nbg.gr/act4greece/en/ provides detailed information about the project and demonstrates clearly how companies, especially large and systemic banks as pillars of the community can provide long term solutions to society issues.

Stopanska banka AD – Skopje
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