New auto loan exclusively with Avtonova and Automobile SK


WITHOUT interest and administrative costs for the amount of MAXI INSTALLMENT (deferred participation) which will be completely repaid with the last loan installment

Loan Purpose

For buying cars and jeeps only in Avtonova and Automobile SK

Loan amount

Up to 30.000 EUR (in mkd counter value)


  • MKD with EUR clause
Interest rates  (Yearly)

SB payroll clients

Other  clients

  • 7,53%  EUR – min.20% participation
  • 8,37%  EUR -  min.20% participation
  • In compliance with applicable regulations, SB regularly announces the Annual Percentage Rate of total costs (APR) on its website, on the bulletin boards at counters and through public media


    36,48,60 / 72 months


    • Equal monthly installments, except the last installment
    • Maxi installment of 12,50% of the car value, is included and due with the last monthly installment. For the amount of Maxi installment customer does not pay interest i.e. clients pays the interest only for the loan amount that is decreased for the amount of maxi installment


         For all holders of transaction account with Stopanska Banka repayment is possible by:

        •  Standing order
        •  Through e-banking system of Stopanska Banka

        •  ATM

        •  Through phone banking service of Stopanska Banka

    No fees for early repayment.



    • Administrative fees: 1% payable up front from approved loan amount decreased for the amount of maxi instalment

    • Notary fees for establishing pledge over the vehicle and entry of the pledge into the Central Registry  

    KASKO i.e. All-risks car insurance fees for the whole loan repayment period


    1. The ownership of the vehicle is established collateral right in favor of the bank, until full repayment of the loan by borrowe
    2. KASKO i.e. All-risks car insurance assigned in favor of the Bank

    Loan criteria

    • Individuals, citizens of the Republic of Macedonia

    - Minimum self participation of the borrower when buying the vehicle at least 20%

    • Minimum amount of net monthly income of the borrower/co-borrower 9.100 MKD.
    • Maximum monthly annuity:

              EUR loans
              - 45% (for payroll clients)

              - 40% (for non-payroll clients)


    The age of borrower and co-borrowers should be minimum 20 years on application date and 67 years on loan maturity date
    Co-borrower opportunity  
    • Co-borrowers can be immediate family members (parent, child, spouse)
    • Co-borrowers can also be included if they are not immediate family members but with the following conditions:

     - SB payroll client (at least 1 month)

     - User of at least one SB lending product with good credit history

    • Co-borrowers income and debts are 100% inlcuded in DTI calculation.

    Required documents

    *1.  Auto loan application
    *2.  Photocopy of ID card or passport
    *3.  For payroll clients: transaction account statement for last 3 months only.

         For non-payroll clients: Pension check / Salary certificate, certificated and signed by the authorized persons at the     employer (not older than 30 days), and for employers at private companies, PP53 form (summery of salaries certified at JRS) for the last 3 months

    4.  Seller's pro-forma invoice for the vehicle
    5.  For the main borrower, depending on the marital status, he/she should submit:

    - single borrows: copy from the newest  birth certificate (not older than 6 months) or certificate from Ministry of Internal Affairs that existing certificate is not amended.

    - married borrowers : copy of marriage certificate (no limitation for the issuance date of the certificate)

    6.  For co-borrowers, members of the closest family, valid birth or married certificate is required.

    *7.  Consent of a client for submission report from Macedonian Credit Bureau


    *Refers to borrower and co-borrower