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Characteristics of MKD Savings Deposit

Opening at
Branch of SB

Minimum balance 
MKD 100,00

Document issued by SB's branch 
Upon opening MKD savings deposit / sight deposit, SB issues to the client:
- agreement for time deposit
- passbook / card for sight deposit

Incoming Payments 
- in cash, in all branches at any window of SB
- salary transfer by employer
- transfer from other account with SB
- transfer from account with other bank

Outgoing Payments 
- in cash, in all branches at any window of SB
- by funds transfer to other account with SB, or with another bank

Document submitted to SB's branch for disposal of deposit

 The holder/ person authorized to dispose of the deposit presents to SB's branch: 

- identity document
- passbook if it is issued upon that deposit - account card if it is issued upon that deposit

Disbursements can also be made without presentation of passbook, but in that case the client is obliged to present identity card issued by SB, and to submit additionally the passbook, for the purpose of updating the made changes. The deposit holder assumes the responsibility for updating the passbook.


- is calculated from the date of paying in to the date of disbursement, by applying the interest rate established by SB's Decision. The interest rate is variable. The interest is calculated monthly

- the deposit holder can authorize other person of age (over 18) for disposal of the deposit. The power of attorney can be issued at the moment of depositing, or additionally, at any period (see the text for authorizing another person to dispose of the deposit)

Power of attorney duration
- while the deposit is opened
- until the deposit holder revokes it
- after the deposit holder passes away if he/she states so in the power of attorney

- the savings deposit data are business secret of the Bank

Disclosure of savings deposit data 
- If the deposit holder has given a written consent to SB for disclosing the data
- at a written request, or order from the competent court
- upon written request of NBRM for the needs of supervision, or of another body authorized by the law
- If the data are disclosed to the Money Laundering Prevention Department, in accordance with the law


- SB has insured the MKD savings deposits (the balance and the calculated non-mature interest) with the Deposit Insurance Fund.

The Deposit Insurance Fund indemnifies the individuals to the extent of:
- 100% оf the total deposits of each individual with one bank, up to the amount of MKD equivalent of EUR 10,000
- 90% of the total deposits of each individual with one bank, in MKD equivalent up to the amount between EUR 10,000 and 20,000, but not over the MKD equivalent of EUR 20,000.
The indemnification amount comprises the deposit principal increased by the interest, but not over the current discount rate of NBRM. 

Disbursements from savings deposit of passed away client
In case a client has passed away, the right of the authorized person to dispose of the deposit ceases.
In SB, it is possible to disburse from the deposit prior to starting the probate proceedings, for expenses regarding the passed away person's funeral


Procedure regarding lost savings passbook, agreement, deposit card 
The deposit holder / authorized person for disposal of the deposit reports in writing to the SB's Branch that the relative document has been lost, in order the same to be replaced by a new one. If the holder wants, the following can be performed:
- blocking of funds for a period determined by him/her
- closing the account and transferring the balance to a new account

Statement of the deposit account on the basis of which a card has been issued 
It is issued at any counter of SB upon a request of the deposit holder, or a person authorized to dispose of the deposit, by presenting an identity document and by card for the account /identity card 

Standing payment order 

 The deposit holder / person authorized for disposal of the deposit account can give a standing order to SB's branch for payment of certain services, or for transfer of funds to another specified account with SB for payment/transfer every month, along with the possibility: - to determine both the date and the amount to be paid / transferred
-or to authorize SB to pay from the account on a date and an amount stated in the document for payment issued by the legal entity in whose account the payment by the standing order is effected
The standing order is realized if there are funds in the account for full realization
Standing order given to SB can be revoked by the deposit holder /person authorized to dispose of the deposit with unlimited right of disposing 

Closing a savings deposit / sight deposit 

 MKD savings deposit /sight deposit can be closed:
- at a request of the deposit account holder
- upon assessment that the account is inactive, in accordance with a decision of SB's body For conducting the closure, at a request to the holder savings passbook / deposit agreement is presented, the deposit balance and liabilities under the account are checked. If the client has liabilities upon the deposit to SB, or liabilities of the client to other individuals and legal entities are put on the deposit on the basis of decisions of competent bodies in the Republic of Macedonia, the closing can not be carried out