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Loans for Legal Entities


Description of product

Documentary credit is an irrevocable undertaking of the Issuing bank towards the Beneficiary, issued at the request and according the instructions received from its client- Applicant, to pay at sight or at fixed future date specified sum of money, against presentation of documents in accordance with the terms and conditions of the documentary credit.

All documentary credits are issued in accordance with the ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2007 Revision, Publication no. 600.


Documentary credit is an international payment instrument, whish enables security for the importer to pay for the received goods or service after the terms and conditions stipulated by the credit are accomplished, as well as security for the exporter that against presentation of the conforming documents, he will receive the counter value of the exported goods or performed service.

Documentary credit types

Stopanska banka AD, Skopje issues irrevocable import documentary credits payable at sight or by deferred payment. Also, it issues revolving documentary credits.

For issuing confirmed documentary credits, Stopanska banka utilizes the wide range of long existing relationship with banks partners throughout the world and does not collect higher commission for issuing confirmed documentary credits.


•  The Client to have denar and foreign currency (FC) account in Stopanska banka AD
•  Commercial contract concluded with its partner or pro forma invoice
•  To offer collateral: denar or FC deposit, DC amount bought on the money market and placed into his documentary credit account, loan approved by the bank, a guarantee by first class bank. . .
•  Documentary credit may be issued under already approved credit line or frame secured by mortgage on movable and/or immovable, bill of exchange with notary act, FC or denar savings of citizens, frozen saving deposits, guarantee issued by first class local or foreign bank.
Documents required
•  Request for documentary credit issuance
•  Filled 1451 form (the bank helps in filling)
•  Commercial contract or pro forma invoice
•  Additional documentation (current statement from the Central Register of Macedonia, “Authorized signatures” form )

Commission and charges

According to the collateral type:

1. With cash collateral: 

2. - 0.3% on the amount, quarterly, minimum den. 1.800,00 plus charges den. 900,00 Documentary credits issued under credit line or frame secured by mortgage on movable and immovable, and/or bill of exchange with notary act:

3. - 1.2% on the amount, quarterly, minimum den. 3.600,00 plus charges den. 900,00Amendments: den. 1. 200,00The commission is charged prior to documentary credit issuance for the first quarter, and for the next quarters, at the beginning of each new quarter on the documentary credit balance.

For the deferred payment documentary credits, the commission is charged until the expiry of the payment obligation.

Where you can get the product

In Head office and all Branches of Stopanska banka AD, Skopje across the whole territory of Republic of Macedonia . 


In Head office in Skopje , in Trade finance department, we acknowledge receipt of the export- loro documentary credits and the same we advise the beneficiaries residents or non-residents.

After checking the apparent authenticity of the received documentary credit as well its text, in accordance with its conditions, we advise the same without any responsibility of Stopanska banka AD or adding our confirmation to the credit.

Stopanska banka AD, Skopje is one of the very few banks in Macedonia that transfers the received transferable credits according to the terms and conditions of the first beneficiary (middleman).

Commission and charges :

•  Advising: 0.1% on the amount, min. den. 1.500,00 maximum, den. 10.000,00 plus charges den. 200,00
•  Documents checking: 0.2% on the amount, min. den. 2.000,00 plus post charges
•  Inflow under export documentary credit: 0.09% on the inflow amount, min. den. 1.500,00 plus charges den. 200,00
•  Transfer of documentary credit: 0.3% on the amount, min. den. 1.800,00.
•  Amendment: den. 1.200,00
•  Confirmation of export documentary credit : with cash collateral : 0.3% on the amount of presented documents, without cash collateral: 3% on documentary credit amount.
For all information and questions, feel free to call Documentary credit unit on the following lines: 3295 423, 3295 276, 3295 169 (phone and fax), as well as in our Branches throughout Republic of Macedonia.
The Bank helps to clients by giving free of charge advices related to documentary credits.