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FCY international inflows


Disbursement of inflow
Inflow payment should be effected in all SB branches
Realization Inflow payment is effected same or next working day, with the same value date. Disbursement of inflow payment is in the same currency as received.
Inflow payment

Inflow payment can be received by order of the foreign or domestic Bank with which SB has exchanged SWIFT relations. The payment can be made through the SWIFT network which Stopanska Banka AD Skopje has established with more than 820 foreign banks. In SWIFT message according to the SWIFT standards, all data of the beneficiary of funds should be stated.

If in the remittance are stated the data: name, surname and No. of the account of the beneficiary/IBAN, the funds are immediately credited on the foreign currency deposit account. If the name, surname and the address of the beneficiary are stated, and the account of the beneficiary/IBAN is not stated, SB is sending postal card to the beneficiary address regarding the received remittance, and after personally presence of the beneficiary to one of SB counters and giving the required instructions, the funds are credited on the foreign currency deposit account of the beneficiary.
In case when the legal entity from abroad sends remittance to individual, SB shall submit to the beneficiary address postal card in order to visit SB's Branch and to give the required data for distribution of funds. Whereat, the individual shall submit a statement in SB regarding the basis of the inflow (for instance: education costs, honoraria, services, awards, inheritance, profit sale of real estate abroad and other purposes). After receiving the signed statement by the beneficiary, the funds are transferred to the foreign currency deposit account.

When allocation of funds are effected by SB, according to the Central Bank regulations beneficiary should present documents disposed on the following link.
Requirements for receiving inflow from abroad
- Foreign deposit account to be opened in the name of the beneficiary in SB
- Correct payment beneficiary data to be given to the sender of the funds (full name and surname, address, account/IBAN, telephone number, etc.), as well as SWIFT code of Stopanska banka AD - Skopje, STOBMK2X
Fees 1% from MKD equivalent minimum, MKD 250.00