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24 hours CONTACT CENTER (02) 3100 109


11 Oktomvri 7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

+ 389 (02) 3114 503 



Consumer Loan



Promotional offer


  • 0% administrative fee
  • 6% fixed interest rate for the first year, for loans in MKD clause, for all clients
Loan amount

From MKD 15.000 to MKD 300.000

From EUR 250 to 5.000

From MKD 300.001 to MKD 920.000

From EUR 5.001 to 15.000

Intended for: -SB payroll/ pensioner clients with 12 MOB in SB/other bank for loans over 5000 EUR

-clients with SB/other bank lending product with 24 MOB for loans over 5000 EUR

  • Approval for only 30 minutes
  • Approval of a loan with NO: deposits, guarantors, adminstrative ban and bill of exchange
  • No fee for early repayment
  • Even persons that are not close family members can be co-borrowers
Currency MKD loan / MKD loan with foreign currency clause
INTEREST RATE (fixed for MKD loans) 6% fixed interest rate for the first year, for loans in MKD clause, for all clients
Interest rates for MKD loans(Variable) 

10.13% - payroll clients/pensioners

11.25% - non payroll clients

9.23% - payroll clients/pensioners

10.25% -non payroll

7.62% EUR - Payroll / pension SB clients and non payroll clients with a good credit history in SB at least 36 months.
In compliance with applicable regulations, SB regularly announces the Annual Percentage Rate of total costs (APR) on its website, on the bulletin boards at counters and through public media

Minimum of 6 months


- up to MKD 91.500 - 60 months

- From MKD 91.500 to MKD 300.000 - 84 months

from 6 to 120months

Equal monthly annuities (minimum monthly annuity of MKD 1.200)

For all holders of transaction account with SB, the payment can be made:

  • by standing order or
  • through the i-banking system of SB

No fees for early repayment.

  • Application cost of MKD 500 for all clients
  • Administrative costs of 0%, from the approved amount
  • For loans over 5.000 EUR Notary fees for verification of the loan contract
Loan criteria
  • Individuals, residents of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Minimum income:

         - For loans up to 10.000 EUR, 8.100 MKD monthly income is needed (for each participant in the loan separately). 

         - For loans over EUR 10.000 for borrower minimum monthly income of 22.000 MKD is needed. If salary of borrower is <35.000 MKD, co-borrower is needed with salary of 8.100 MKD.

  • Client age: 20 on the application date to 67 on the date of loan repayment
  • If is co-borrower included, client age could be 70 on the date of loan repayment
Co-borrower opportunity
  • Co-borrowers can be immediate family members (parent, child, spouse) otherwise following conditions must be met:

             - SB payroll client

             - User of at least one SB or other bank lending product with good credit history

  • Co-borrowers income and debts are 100% inlcuded in DTI calculation.

Required documents 1.  Loan application 

 2.  Copy of ID card or passport

 3.  For SB payroll clients/pensioners: only print of transaction account statement  for last three months

      For non SB payroll clients: Pension check / Salary certificate, certificated and signed by the authorized persons at  the employer (not older than 30 days), and for employers at private companies, PP53 form (summery of salaries certified  at PRO) for the last 2 months

  4. Birth certificate/marriage certificate

  5. Consent for submission of report from Macedonian Credit Bureau

  6. For refinancing of loan from other bank:

      - documents at the request of the bank