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Fast transfer of funds (no need of having accounts, from sub-branch to sub-branch)

B provides the individuals to make fast transfer in MKD from one SB's sub-branch to any other SB's branch on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia with most favorable terms and conditions. The person who gives order for money transfer (Ordering Party) may, but does not have to hold an account with SB from which the transfer shall be made. The funds can be paid in cash or to transfer from his/her account with SB, or from account in which he/she has authorization for disposal of funds.

The Ordering party is necessary to announce in the sub-branch in which it shall implement the transfer of funds:

    - data of the person to whom the funds are sent (name and surname, address, telephone No. and the branch in which the payment is made)
    - who will pay the transfer costs, the Ordering Party or the remittee.

The beneficiary of the money at the same moment can withdraw the money from the Branch determined by the Ordering party.
For completing fast money transfer, SB shall collect a fee according to SB's tariff of fees and according to the instructions of the ordering party: from the ordering party at the moment of giving the order for money transfer or from the money beneficiary at their withdrawal.