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Type of product
Demand savings transaction account

Product description

Attractive product that provides high interest yield and possibility for free and unlimited placement and withdrawal of funds by choice, without any limitations

Client categories

For residents and non-residents





Interest rates

The interest rates are annual and floating, calculated on the total balance, as follows:


Balance / Currency



From/above EUR 3,000 or 
from/above MKD 180,000

0,30%  0,25 % 

EUR 500 – 2,999.99 or 
MKD 30,000 - 179,999.50

0,20%  0,15% 

Below EUR 500 or 
below MKD 30,000*

к.с по видување

к.с по видување


* For account balance below EUR 500/MKD 30,000, the applicable interest rate for demand savings deposits is implemented

Disbursement/capitalization of interest

•  The interest is calculated on the last calendar day in the month (30th/31st ) and is capitalized on a monthly basis in the same account of the basic deposit, whereas, SB calculates interest on the total amount

•  The client can utilize the interest on the first calendar day in the month with value date of last calendar day in the month (30th/31st).

Minimum initial deposit amount
MKD 30,000, i.e. EUR 500


Additional placements/withdrawals

•  Unlimited additional placements in the account, where the basic deposit is, are possible, whereat the additionally placed funds are added to the already deposited funds, and SB calculates interest on the total amount
•  Unlimited additional withdrawals of the account funds are possible
•  The first withdrawal of the funds in the month (calendar month) is FREE OF CHARGE
•  For each funds withdrawal in the month following the first one, fixed fee at EUR 5, i.e. MKD 300, will be charged, with which the Flexi deposit account is debited
•  The number and amount of additional placements in and withdrawals from the Flexi deposit account are limitless.

Payment in Flexi with standing order

All clients that hold Flexi deposits, and that are, at the same time, holders of current account with regular monthly inflows in Stopanska Banka, may issue a standing order for regular monthly payment of funds from the current account to the Flexi deposit account

Negative account balance

NO negative balance in Flexi deposit account is allowed

Account closing

•  The account is closed at written request of the client, WITHOUT application of penal fee, which complies with the valid regulations.
•  At deposit closing, the calculated interest from the last capitalization to the closing date is paid to the client immediately.


•  At account opening, valid ID document is presented (ID card or passport)
•  Upon account opening, the client receives:    

- Deposit agreement and    

- Flexi ID card

•  The changes in Flexi deposit account are monitored via monthly statement issued at client request at any Bank's counter.