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EURO Bonus



· Upfront interest withdrawal

· Progressive increase of interest rates

· Fixed interest rates during the whole time deposit period

· Safety of your deposits

At his/her own choice, the depositor can decide whether to withdraw the interest immediately or after the expiration of the time deposit period.


Competitive interest rates that progressively increase depending on the amount of your deposit. 


Feel the reliability with the leading foreign investors: 

· The National Bank of Greece 
· European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
· International Finance Corporation 

Time deposit period 

· The time deposit period is at your choice: 3 or 6 months. 


· The minimum amount for opening the time deposit is EUR 1,000. 

Interest calculation and disbursment

The depositor can choose between two methods of interest disbursement:

-       The Interest is calculated and disbursed immediately when deposit is opened, which is anticipated interest, or

-       The Interest is calculated and disbursed after the expiration of the time deposit period, i.e. interest on arrears.

Calculated interest is transferred to the demand account.


· The following documents are required for the application form's submission: ID card, or passport. 


Submitting the application form for opening a EUR time deposit at Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje's windows.